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Preparatory Documentation

- Visual inspection of the design features of the object.

- Measurement and photofixation.

- Preparation of the planning solution of the facility in accordance with the technical      specifications of the customer (includes the arrangement of furniture, plumbing  equipment and appliances).

- Approval of the project estimate with the customer.

- Selection and coordination of all components, finishing materials, furniture, lighting fixtures and plumbing equipment.

- Color and texture maps for each room of the object.

Working documentation

- Measurement plan.

- Plan demolished and constructed walls and partitions.

- Furniture plan.

- Plan for the placement of plumbing fixtures.

- Floor plan.

- Cross sections on the floor.

- The plan for the binding of heating devices and the layout of the floor heating.

- Plan of ceilings.

- Section on the ceilings.

- The plan for the binding of lighting devices, indicating the equipment.

- Lighting groups.

- Switch binding plan.

- Plan for electrical outlets.

- Plan showing the decoration materials on the walls.

- Scans across all areas of the project.

- Structural schemes of all non-standard elements.

- Sheets of finishing materials indicating the quantity and consumption.

- Specifications for all components: furniture, lighting, doors and more.

3D visualization


- 3D visualization in full accordance with the approved working documentation. That allows the customer to see how the object will look, even before the start of construction work, to verify the correctness of its decisions and, if necessary, make additions.

/ Cost from 250 AED / sq.m

Author's supervision

- Departure to the facility (at least once a week).

- Monitoring the timely order and delivery of finishing materials and furniture, according to the approved work schedule.

- Departure to salons and shops with the customer.

- Consulting and interaction with related organizations.

- Checking and approval of commercial offers from suppliers regarding the conformity of sizes, completeness and quantity of products. 

/ Cost from 2.000 AED / per month

Private Consulting Sessions 

There are several different formats of consultations - each with its own set of “works” and the price for the service. An architect will advise you within his competence. 

/Online consultations via Skype, W/A, Zoom  from 250 AED / per hour

/Personal consultation in the office  from 450 AED / per hour

*2 hours min.request

Architectural and construction works require an individual cost calculation

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